The First International Conference on Sustainable Design and Construction Management

:: Conference Topic

There are various fields of research that fall into the scope of the conference on ‘Sustainable Design and Construction Management, in which the followings are noteworthy:
  • Urban Sustainability
    • Sustainable Urban Planning
    • Sustainable Urban Design
    • Sustainability in Islamic Cities
    • Sustainable Urban Regeneration
    • Economic, Social and Cultural Sustainability in Cities
    • Public Transport Networks
    • Urban Sustainability and Resilient Health Infrastructure
    • Energy Generation and Demand Management 
    • Urban Heat Islands
    • Water Resource Management
    • Sustainable Drainage Systems 
    • Connected Green Spaces and Wildlife Corridors
    • Sustainable Cities and Resilient Societies
    • Global Initiative Examples
    • Smart Cities
  • Sustainable Buildings
    • Reduced Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions in Buildings
    • Renewable Energy Production
    • Reuse Strategies
    • Zero-Energy Buildings
    • Sustainable Materials and Technologies
    • Climatic Design
    • Smart Buildings
    • Sustainability Assessment Methods
    • Innovative Examples: New Buildings and Renovation Projects
  • Sustainable Civil Infrastructures
    • Analysis, Review, and Increase of Sustainability in Civil Infrastructure
    • Systems and Methods of Sustainable Construction of Infrastructures
    • Sustainable Life Cycle Assessment of Infrastructures
    • Financial Management of Construction and Maintenance of Sustainable Infrastructures
    • The Impact of Stakeholder Management on the Sustainable Development of Infrastructures
    • Sustainable Development Policies of Civil Infrastructure
    • Decision Support Systems in Sustainable Infrastructure Management
    • Innovative Examples: Sustainable Civil Infrastructures


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